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      Professional suppliers of animal nutrition additives, food additives, cosmetics raw materials and pharmaceutical raw materials

      Experts tell us: what about the Chinese who rush to Japan to buy medicine?
      The phenomenon that a large number of Chinese people flock to Japan to buy over-the-counter drugs is a hot topic among the representatives of the two sessions. "Our Chinese enterprises are not unable to produce these good products!" Yesterday morning at the scene of the group discussion, sun piaoyang, chairman of Jiangsu Hengrui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., said.
      Pharmaceutical factory said: Japan cold medicine good? Good raw materials, high cost!
      "Now many Chinese go to Japan to buy cold medicine. In fact, all we can buy are OTC drugs and over-the-counter drugs. It must be admitted that they have worked so hard to make even over-the-counter drugs. " Sun piaoyang, chairman of Hengrui pharmaceutical, said that he also has a company in Japan. He often visits many pharmaceutical factories in Japan, which have strict product quality control and high R & D requirements. First of all, buy raw materials and find good ones. Japanese pharmaceutical companies now generally buy raw materials in Korea, while Korean enterprises process the raw materials bought from China, and then sell them to Japan after the quality is checked. Therefore, in Japan, the cost of raw materials accounts for about 40%, which is very high.
      Can't Chinese enterprises produce high quality medicine? No
      Are Chinese enterprises unable to produce high-quality drugs? "We Chinese enterprises can make it!" Sun piaoyang said firmly.
      For example, at the end of the year before last, their company developed a new drug for gliomas. "There is no medicine available for patients with glioma in the late stage, but many patients can slow down after taking our medicine and live for a longer period of time."
      "At the end of the previous year, we also launched a new drug called aitan, which has been independently researched and developed. It has been clinically proven that its efficacy is comparable to that of German products, but our price is only 1 / 4 of that of it."
      What's the shortage of Chinese children's medicine? It's too cheap to do!
      The quality of Japanese medicine is good, but the price is relatively high, Sun said. "Too much drug price reduction is not good for product quality and enterprise development. But when we competed in some provinces in China, we found that 2000 yuan of imported original research drugs were still on sale, while 340 yuan of our same kind were still on sale, because there were still 20 or 30 yuan of generic drugs on sale.
      He said that taking children's medicine as an example, it is more convenient to make small doses. You can also add a variety of fruit flavors. It's not that you can't make them, but that the price is too low, and the enterprise is unwilling to make them.
      "Pour bitter water" to help: it is difficult for independent innovative drugs to enter the medical insurance and open the market
      Xiao Wei, deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of Kangyuan group, also deeply felt: "some local bidding departments even think that the drugs produced are qualified, and the lower the price, the better."
      "In fact, the quality of drugs is not a few of our current testing indicators. Qualified products are one sample. There is a big difference in actual efficacy. " He said that in some places, regardless of the good medicine and the bad medicine, all the prices are required to be reduced by 20%, and even the new medicine is required to be reduced by 20%. If the price is not reduced, you are not qualified to enter the door. "This is not to say that an enterprise is just pursuing profits, but if it doesn't even have basic profits, how can an enterprise have space for innovation?"
      Xiao Wei said that in this year's report on the work of the government, the premier proposed for the first time to "reduce taxes and fees" for enterprises, which will greatly reduce the burden on enterprises, allow enterprises to have more money to invest in innovation and enhance their innovation ability. At the same time, he also raised a more urgent issue for drug companies: innovative drugs, which want to be widely used as soon as possible and benefit patients, urgently need medical insurance support. He suggested that we should further improve the health insurance system, for example, we can introduce commercial insurance in the field of medicine, which will not only benefit the people's livelihood, but also give impetus to the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.
      Experts say: make good medicine, let the Japanese come to China to buy medicine!
      "The low-end price war of domestic pharmaceutical products is an objective fact. If hospitals want to reduce the burden on patients, they will inevitably transmit the pressure to pharmaceutical enterprises," Wang said, mainly because some problems in medical reform have not been solved. "I used to work abroad. Acupuncture costs more than 1000 yuan at a time. Hospitals must make money," said Wang Xudong, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference and professor of Nanjing University of traditional Chinese medicine. The problem now is that hospitals and patients all focus on the national finance, but the national finance can't afford so much money to subsidize.
      "Then we should give full play to the market mechanism," he said. The most normal source of medical expenses is to let the "sick people get money to the sick people", that is, to introduce commercial insurance.
      However, Wang Xudong pointed out that the complaints of pharmaceutical companies are just one of them and cannot be the only reason for "Chinese people to buy Japanese cold medicine". "The market is so big, why can't you make the product and let the Japanese come to China to buy medicine?" Wang Xudong suggested that pharmaceutical companies should also look further, on the one hand, to solve the drug problem of domestic patients, on the other hand, they can go out and occupy a larger market with their own strength.
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