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      About us

      Professional suppliers of animal nutrition additives, food additives, cosmetics raw materials and pharmaceutical raw materials

      About us

      Welcome to our company site !

      HANGZHOU FAMO PHARMTECH CO LTD , is a specialized business company focused on the development, marketing and distribution of fine chemicals for pharmaceutical, agrochemical and dyestuff industries. From our headquarter in Hangzhou, China, we serve customers through our extensive distribution network with innovation, professionalism and partnership. So far we have provided our service and products to European countries, Japan, South Korea, India, America and Middle-East countries ect.

      We have wide contacts and the necessary knowledge about the know-how and technical capabilities of our manufacturing partners. Our familiarity with status of China chemical producers and regulations of international business practices ensure the compliance with constantly changing requirements from customer sides. Synchronously, FAMO launches on the Research & Development of the products in which our business are involved and gives quick response to customer's new demand for chemical.We performance custom synthesis under confidential agreement with customers.

      We are proud that more and more clients and manufacturing partners are placing trust in us. Bearing the philosophy-creating values for customers in mind, we are expecting responsible and disciplined growth and to achieve more satisfactions and successful long-term cooperation with customers worldwide.

      Our Culture

      Management idea:
      Advocating reality, responsibility, innovation and gratitude
      Daily code of conduct:
      Professional, persistent, dedicated and modest
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